Your Provider of Choice for Over 25 Years...

Would you like to deal with one person for all your communication services, rather than dealing with a sales person from each company? We represent over 40 different telecom carriers and telecom service providers. We can quickly acquire quotes and information for you without the hassle “one stop shop”. With thirty years as a telecom equipment and service provider, MST will present the facts of each service provider and solution to allow you to make the decision which best suites your needs. We manage the solution within the selected service provider from start to implementation. We work directly with order writers, testers, engineering and any other individuals involved with providing a solution. In very basic terms we are a FREE extension of your organizations. We have no obligations to any one telecom service provider; our obligation is to you the customer. If you are unhappy with your current service provider and/or rates or you just prefer the “one stop shopping” model that will save you time and money, please give us call. We can offer all types of telecom services including:


  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Conferencing (web, video and audio)
  • Asset Management
  • And much more